Encrypted Backup Redux

less than 1 minute read

gpgzip seems to be deprecated, and the recommended tool to replace it is called gpgtar. It’s easy to use it, but the documentation doesn’t make it clear that it can compress the file, the option of symmetric key didn’t work, as I don’t want to mess with encryption keys when working with backups, as I think that the possibility of losing everything, including the encryption keys, is too big, so I want to use passwords. I decided to use the good old Linux pipe, with a simple command:

tar czvpf - folder_to_backup | gpg --symmetric --cipher-algo aes256 -o backup_filder.tar.gz.gpg

and that’s it. I know how it was compressed and how it was encrypted. I can copy it again using rclone, as I previously explained. Simple and it works, even though it is not as automated as I would like.