Chronicles of a Data Scientist

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As my readers (if zero can be considered a number…) can see in this blog, my posts follow the same recipe that is common for other blogs: register of things done with, as a justification, not lose what was done, and hoping internally that someone would find that useful and recognize us for it. I’ve found that I’m not a good blogger, in this sense, because I lack the focus to write up something after it happened with the constraints of not sharing everything, because that usually happens on my day job, and second because I lack the dedication to do one example from start to finish just for the sake of it. I’m more utilitarian than that (and I’m a bit ashamed of it).

In the primeval times of the internet, circa 2002 or so, MySpace was the rage for a reason that either the authors were prescient about or didn’t had the faintest idea: self expression. Lots of people learned how to code HTML and even some CSS because you could express yourself on your MySpace. I was not part of this culture, because I always thought that my life is my business and no one else. A friend convinced me that I should have more presence online, with a very strong argument that I would not be very employable outside academia if at least I didn’t have a github with my real name.

With some perspective from the chronists of antique Rome and from the brazilian tradition of daily chronicles, I decided to try to get these different views and combine them with my long wait for structured content and I settled on a chronicle of my professional activities. I’ll have to cut a lot of the details, of course, but will try to keep the spirit of it: report more or less frequently the daily activities that consist the life of a data scientist.